We all know that K-pop has grown from strength to strength in the last 20 years. It’s now known worldwide that K-pop is South Korea’s greatest export according to TIME Magazine Although K-pop music videos in YouTube is a great place to find fashion ideas for both men and women, some of the clothing’s becomes more like a costume or sometimes what I call (Cosplay). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping anyone from copying a particular style of their favourite K-POP star. Just remember that some of the clothes worn on those music videos maybe a bit too extreme to the public especially if you are wearing it in a different county particularly in the west. In this article I have collected 3 videos from YouTube to hopefully show you what I mean.



  1. SHINEE – REPLAY : Now although this video was released 4 years ago, I got a few fashion ideas when I saw it for the first time. You’ll notice that there are 2 scenes in for the most part of the video. The first shows Shinee in street clothes during the time that they are trying to attract the pretty noona. This is where I got some of the ideas from when it came to wearing street wear in public. The second scene is where the whole group dance together in the stage. Now the clothes they are wearing in this scene would look ok in the public’s eye.. Except for the BLING! One of the members is wearing all these chains in the neck which in my opinion could be too much. Now don’t get me wrong because I’m a fan of Shinee. However I’m quite selective when it comes to copying there fashion and so far they haven’t disappointed.



  1. BIGBANG – BADBOY: Now this video has some very interesting fashion style. Although they are very unique, I wouldn’t even consider wearing something similar just because its OTT (Over the top) I mean look at. Jackets with fur sticking out from the back, long fringe sticking out from the side of the baseball cap and lots of BLING BLING! (BIG-ASS SKELETON necklace)


  1. INFINITE – MAN IN LOVE: Infinite has been making a lot of MVs lately and I have noticed that there are some good fashion scenes that are worth taking notes on. There are however some scenes that kinda made me scratch my head. If you look at this MV above, you’ll notice that the dance routine clothes are a bit too much. Have you noticed the man with the thick black stripe pants and the flower pattern coat? Uuh yeah I won’t recommend wearing that unless you’re begging for attention.



So after watching the 3 videos, I realised that K-POP can potentially have the inspiration for a new fashion look for men, however you will have to know what can be viewed in the public as appropriate or just plain crazy. One of my Korean friends told me that I will have better success looking for new fashion ideas for men by watching K-dramas instead.

What do you think? Are K-POP videos great for fashion research? Leave comments below and let’s have a chat!

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