Why is Fashion Important in Dating Women?


Dating is one of the important stages in a person’s life. This is the process where we try to select our future partner in life. Most of us go through a lot of things in order to get a date, especially us men. It is a fact that men are the ones who usually make the first move in order to get a date. We do everything to impress our prospects, especially through our physique (If we have any).

Why does fashion really matter in getting a date? Why do we need to get dressed? Why is it so important for us men to be fashionable in the eyes of women? It’s really simple; the answer is that physical appearance is always the first thing you see in a person and the more attractive and presentable you are the more you gain attention. Simple but true. First impressions always last. They say that what you wear says a part of who t are. That’s why being fashionable and presentable is vital in dating.


            For example, two men are asking a girl for a date. One man doesn’t dress well, doesn’t look after his appearance and is not in great shape, while the other man really looks good, dresses well and knows how to carry himself well. Who do you think will the girl choose? The second man has a higher chance of getting the first date (unless off course the first guy is a multi-billionaire)

In short, a man who dress in average clothes and doesn’t put much effort will not stand out. Men who dress fashionably will definitely catch every girl’s attention. Most of them will think that if you make the effort on your looks then it will most likely mean that you give considerable effort on other things in life.  But keep in mind that a good sense of fashion comes a great attitude. Combine both and I’m sure you’ll be getting plus points before even talking to the girl.

Remember these points

  • Put more effort on your fashion especially when going on your first date
  • Good fashion can increase confidence. Confidence can lead to great results
  • Stand out the right way by studying the current fashion trends (not to look like an idiot)
  • A little invest will be required at first, but these fashionable clothes can last a long time



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