Trendy Korean Hairstyles this 2014


The hair is a person’s crowning glory. It is one of the best accessories in dressing up oneself. Some of the trending hairstyles worldwide is comes from South Korea There are different kinds of Korean hairstyles that you can see not only in Korea but also in other countries since it has been trending a lot lately. Long hair, curly hair and bangs are one of the few styles that are hitting the streets of Korea. If you are searching for the right hairstyle for you here are some trendy, fashionable yet comfortable Korean hairstyles that you will surely love. If you’re going to use Korean Fashion, then you might as well have the hairstyle to go with it.



Trendy Hairstyle with Bangs

Bangs! This is a Korean thing. May it be cropped, mop top or messy, bangs is always the go to hairstyle in Korea.


Cropped Hair

A short and clean haircut with hair trimmed neatly around the ears. It looks smooth and fresh to the eyes. A good cut for a professional working Korean.


Layered Hair

This look is suited for young and trendy Koreans. It seems to look that it needs a lot of work and product to achieve this hairstyle, but it’s worth the effort.



A short and layered hairstyle, a shaggy is most likely famous to most of the K-pop stars.



Spiky Hair

It’s an easy and cool hairstyle that only needs a few dabs of hair gel. Just a little bit of teasing and you are done. A perfect fit for an everyday go to style. Although we have noticed that this trend isn’t as popular as it used to be.


Semi- Mohawk or Fauxhawk

This is a hairstyle where both sides of the head are slightly shaven and leaving a longer hair at the center.


Punk it up!

A wild and unique way to style your hair. A Mohawk like hairstyle with added razor cut patterns at the sides of the head. RARE


Long Punk

This badass hairstyle speaks out a young, wild and free fashionista. With a longer hair at the back compare to a regular punk hair, this hairstyle comes with a variety of colors ranging from blonde to red. RARE



Curly and Perm Hairstyle

This wavy and low maintenance hair is very popular to Korean males. Perming hair is one of the latest trends in hairstyles. This can be achieved by using a pomade or hairspray.



Fringe Hair

This popular hairstyle is achieved by cutting the hair shorter at the back and side part of the head while leaving the front part longer and fuller to hang straight towards the forehead.


Casual Pony Tail

Koreans looks sexy with this kind of hairstyle. The men have straight long hair in a tight ponytail with some loose hair hanging on the face. RARE



Colored or Blonde Hair

Super straight dyed hair is one of the trends in Korea. This hairstyle emphasizes their complexion since Koreans have fair and smooth skin.


Hair is a part of the body that can be immediately seen. That’s why we need to have a healthy hair with the right hairstyle. In the past few years, there are different hairstyles that come and go from the fashion scene. But Korean hairstyles are one of the few that stays longer since they seemed to be timeless yet trendy.



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