Top 10 Popular Korean Fashion Brands for Men


Being considered as one of the best well-dressed country in Asia, Korea has its own brands of apparels with so many local designers working hard to keep up with the international market.  With a variety of designs and styles to choose from. If you want to go shopping in Seoul or rather a fan of Korean men fashion then here are some clothing brands that are really worth the money.


1.      Juun J.

Launched on 2007, Juun J.  is one of the most popular brands in Korea. Tagged as “street tailoring”, Junn J‘s designs combines street fashion with a twist in tailoring. Call it weird but very stylish.  This brand has already reached the international market making Korea one of the fashion capitals in Asia.

2.      General Idea

Born last 2003 and had been penetrating the American market for 4 years now, General Idea showcases a wide variety of high fashioned everyday outfit. Taking US by storm, this clothing line for men exhibits both fashion and function.  Designed by Bumsuk Choi, this line releases new designs every season.

3.      Wooyoungmi

Wooyoungmi was launched in 2002. A clothing line known for its detailed design with a touch of futuristic edge showing both masculine and elegance harmonizing to come up with the perfect design. With so many stores around the world Wooyoungmi is definite worth your money.

4.      Perdre Haleine

A cross between the line of high fashion, street Goth and casual menswear. Perdre Haleine has its own identity when it comes to the world of men’s wear. A Korean local luxury brand that will surely fit your taste.


5.      Nudebones

A rugged, leather and heavy duty work wear design, Nudebone screams the Korean street wear trend. Their collection also includes Day bags, waist bags and pouches.

6.      Beanpole

Being one of the top Korean brands, Beanpole was featured in top fashion magazines worn by Korean celebrities and artist. From show guesting to concerts these artist prefer wearing this brand for its style and comfort. Created last 2006 with Samsung as its affiliate, Beanpole has garnered international fan base with Gweneth Paltrow, Wentworth Miller, G Dragon and Tiffany of Girls Generation as their endorsers.


7.      Liful

A brand of ready to wear items and with different selections to choose from, surely this clothing line can turn heads. Being in the industry for 7 years now, Liful has established a reputable image. This eye catching line gives you some unique prints and graphics with a tasteful color blocking.

8.      Kye

Kathleen Kye, a graduate from Central Saint Martin is the designer of this clothing line. She began designing at a young age and has impressed the Korean fashion world with her unique style. This brand shows how fun and adventurous Korean fashion. Kyes’s fashion simply gives the world the idea of how Korea gives importance to art.

9.      Peace, Love and Understanding

The brand name says it all. Fun, fearless, bright and colorful clothes are showcased in this clothing line. This is one of the brands that will represent Korea in the upcoming seasons Opening Ceremony. These clothes are worn by K-pop stars and was also seen used by Rihanna. Peace, Love and Understanding was coined as “The clothes that gives your life”.

10.  Buried Alive

The designer Okeh Nam was inspired by the horror movie Buried Alive when he was a kid. It then came to life when he started making designs from a simple t shirt to a high end salable piece. By offering a straight forward street wear line with colorful graphics this brand really got the limelight it deserves.

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