The Most Important Thing You Need When Trying Out Korean Fashion


The epidemic-like rise in popularity of Korean dramas have made their fashion sense famous in the world. Now, people around the globe including the celebrities are falling in love with this style. Like them, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take your style to the next level!

I see a lot of men visiting various Asian online shops to try out new things like jeans, shirts, jackets and suits. They placed an order then patiently wait for it. After one or two weeks of waiting, their parcel finally arrived fresh from Korea. But lo and behold! Their excitement was suddenly replaced with DISSAPOINTMENT. No, the clothes are what they ordered and are in perfect condition, but they bought the wrong size!!! Imagine how disheartening that could be!

(The worst feeling when buying the wrong size)

This is an important lesson for you. Having a thinner waist line is essential if you want to try out the Korean Fashion for Men. Forget about it if you fall in the overweight or slightly obese category.  Why? Because Korea doesn’t have your size! Koreans or Asians in general, have smaller body frame compared to Americans and Europeans. I’ve been to Korea three times already and guess what. My size is considered as L-XL while I’m just a medium here in Australia! So don’t expect then that they have the XXXL size that you can get here. Yes, I know it sucks.

Let me tell you this. There was a time when I bought two nice looking business shirts from Gmarket, (a Korean online store). It says slim fit but I thought it wouldn’t matter if I bought the largest size. And you know what? I was so eager to fit it only to find that the button holes won’t close even if I tuck my stomach in! WTF?! I just wasted $40 dammit!

Anyway, you might have noticed that Korean men are generally skinny. Here are some facts that explain why they have that built.

  • A lot of the food they eat are vegetables (look at the side dishes)
  • Most Koreans are weight conscious and would like to look good in public.
  • Family gene pool
  • The Fast food restaurants in South Korea actually show the calories for each meal to show health awareness
  • Eating habits taught by Old school Asian Parents

You could include more, but I think this list sums it up quite well. Because of this, the sizes of clothes in Korea differ compared to western countries. If you’re going to buy Korean clothes, I strongly suggest that you measure the different parts of your body including your chest, shoulders, waistline, belly, and your thighs. Once you get the measurements, use it to compare with the sizes available on the website where you are going to buy the clothes. For example, if i’ll buy jeans or a shirt from , the first thing I would do is to check the sizes from the sales page.

Korean Fashion For Men - Size View on

 Korean Fashion For Men - Size View on (2)


These charts should give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to the size of their clothes. You may send an inquiry to the seller if you have more questions. There is a 9/10 chance that they will respond to you in 24-48 hours. Also, if you’re buying shirts, make sure it’s not slim fit because their outfits under this category use different sizing compared to other Korean clothing. But if you really wanted to get that style, give your measurements to the seller and ask them to find the item that will fit you.


To end this article, I would like to end it with a bit of a funny video from YouTube featuring my favourite comedian Russell Peters.

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