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Korean Trends: Men Top

Korean Fashion is starting to penetrate the international fashion world. With the popularity of Korean celebrities specifically K-pop stars Korean fashion are admired around the world. This gives Korean designers the chance to showcase their designs to other fashion capitals. One of the most popular fashion trends that is seen on the streets of Korea nowadays are the different men tops.  Here are some examples of the said apparels.

Button Front Shirts

Cotton shirts are best for summer. It’s light weight, cool to feel and soft. This trendy top is best for men who have a fit body. It comes in different colors that men will surely love. For men who are on the go, this shirt is the perfect casual and formal shirt for you since this can make dressing up a breeze. This is usually worn by Korean yuppies.


Raglan Shirts

Raglan Shirts are the ones with the sleeves that extend fully to the collar and leave a seam from underarm to collarbone. This shirt is originally used as a sports and exercise wear. In Korea this style is popular to men who want a cool, relaxed and street wear style. The best style for Korean bad boys.


Basic Dress Shirt

This sophisticated and simple shirt that comes with buttons, collars, wrist cuffs and long sleeves. Usually it is made from cotton but some designers use other fabrics like silk and satin. When wearing a basic dress shirt, see to it that you are comfortable. The fitness depends on every person wearing it. Large men prefer it loose and smaller men want it fitted. This shirt can be worn from work to a date night.


Sleeveless Hooded Jacket

Korean pop stars are seen wearing this jacket. Worn over a shirt or a long sleeve basic dress shirt. This trendy apparel is very popular among Korean teens. You can wear it at school or in any everyday activities. It comes with a draw strings which you can adjust the hood opening and may or may not have a zipper or button in front.


Double Breasted Trench Coat

This is a stylish and trendy way to keep ourselves warm especially on a cold or windy day. Trench coats are considered timeless. It originated way back the 1900’s as a shield for rain and wind to military officers. Designers then upgraded it in different ways leaving it a fashion staple both for men and women. In Korea trench coats are worn in many ways. They wear it open for a casual look or belted and button up for a more serious look.


Statement Shirts

A statement shirt comes with a funny, offensive or graphic drawing and design. Most likely whatever design on your t- shirt can be related to your personality, affiliation, or a team you support.  In Korea this shirt is very popular. You can see it everywhere in different designs and worn in different styles.

With the growing fashion industry in Korea, it is not only women who keep track of the trends but also men. Since Koreans are one of the vainest people in the world they see to it that they are keeping up with the trends. Most even change their wardrobes every season. Fashion for Korean men is important to them. It doesn’t only show your taste but also boost their self-confidence.

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