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Welcome to another article from Korean Fashion for Men. This time we are focusing on something that is more of an accessory. Growing up in Sydney Australia, the majority of men wouldn’t even consider bags to be a part of fashion. I often would see men in suits carrying either a simple back pack or even a gym bag. It’s hard to find men that would carry nice looking leather bags with the same aura of a Louis Vutton bag.
Visiting Korea in 2011 made me realise that men’s carryon bags are becoming quite a fashion. I can see a trend in the near future where men are also spending a lot of money on their bag collection just like women. Yes I know you what you guys are thinking… It’s getting very close to the metro meter.. But you know what, you don’t have to go over board to wear a decent looking bag to make a good impression. Let’s have a look at some of the bags available in G-market and Ebay.

(I have also decided to add the link to the page that sells it. In case you want to buy one yourself)

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Example 1: – Elle Homme Leather bag (click here to buy) $159 + postage. Now I wanted to start of with a high quality and rather expensive bag. A popular international brand in Korea that can be used both for work and social outings.

image3 image4 image5image7

Example 2:  Atlas Briefcase (click here to buy) $68 + postage. Now Atlas is a decent brand from Korea. This is best used for work.. Particularly if you have a laptop that fits in well. It’s a decent priced bag with a simple design that’s worth buying even on a tight budget.


Example 3:  USE HOUSE Men’s Campus Backpack (Click here to buy) $42.99 + postage. USE HOUSE is a Korean brand that was popular for its college backpacks. This is great if you’re still in college and bring lots of books. Its also good for outdoor adventures with friends. It comes with a variety of colours which can suit the style you want. Although I heard that this was popular in 2012, I still think many Koreans wear it even now.


Example 4:  MAREART Mens Bag Polyester Leather Duff Travel Gym bag (Click here to buy) $41.99 – Now although Mareart is not known to be a very popular Korean brand, it does come out with some unique styles that just makes me go “wow”. I mean look at it. Brown leather bag with a custom “newspaper” style design makes this a must bag to have. For a price like this, its definitely worth the investment.




Example 5:  True Bag “messenger bag” (click here to buy) $27.21 + postage. Now this may be more on the lower range. The brand may not be as popular but the price more than makes up for it. I mean if you look at the design of these messenger bags, you can probably buy 4 or 5 and have a collection. These bags are great for going out. Just like a mini purse, you put your keys, phone, sun glasses and even a small drink. Rather than looking like a fool with lots of stuff in your pockets, just have a messenger bag and look good in the process.
So this is it for this years bag collection. We will however add more bag collections to review as more designs are spoted on the net. Do you have a bag you bought from Korea you want to share? They why not share it? Email Glenn on See you guys again next time.


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