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Many men are recreating their images with the Korean style of dressing. This look is now becoming the universal rapper look for many top hit-making producers and artists. The Korean fashion lends itself to many genres actually. The wardrobe preferences boast a wide variety of flavors even satisfying break dancers and all types of urban people. Even younger males who live in suburbs have taken to this new style, although it has been a pretty popular look with skateboarders for a long time; the skateboarders that wear simple shirts and tight straight-legged jeans.

The Korean style has become quite the fashion statement as you see some of your favorite comedians take to the new style. Kevin Hart (Think Like A Man, Let Me Explain), boasts the style in his new stand-up film “Let Me Explain” sporting a black long sleeve shirt, black straight leg jeans (somewhat loose, though), and black leather basketball shoes. The look really worked with his animated swagger as whisked back and forth on stage tickling his audience.

kevin-hart-2-pix 9th Annual Hoodie Awards - Arrivals Kevin-Hart-Think-Like-A-Man


(The fashion eye glasses, the black vest and the orange cardigan. This looks very similar to Korean Fashion don’t you think?)

Not only to entertainers like Kevin Hart, but Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne (a.k.a. Li’l Weezy) and many popular hip hop artists flaunt the Korean style. R&B artists have taken to the style as well. Singers such as Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Musiq Soulchild like to boast this new style. For performers, the look is not only comfortable in an everyday lifestyle, but it is well suited for their work endeavors. The wardrobe that the Korean fashion is made to be comfortable, yet stylish in its own way. As it was mentioned earlier, many up-and-coming artists are using this style to come into their own, while seasoned veterans are re-creating their images.

kanye west kpop fashionjay-z-vest21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet


You may want to make a fashion statement or reinvent yourself with this new highly trending look.


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