Long Sleeve shirt collection 2013


Welcome again to another article in Korean Fashion guide for men. In this article we are going to look at long sleeve T-shirts that are currently on sale in Korea. Most of these photos come from G-market so feel free to browse the shop if you want to have a closer look at what’s available.

Example 1: Now if you look at these photos, we are looking at a long sleeve T-shirt with matching colours. Now there’s some print in front of the shirt so at least it doesn’t look plain and boring. Now from the outside it looks like it’s a 2 piece shirt (black long sleeve shirt under a white short sleeve shirt) but it’s really just a one piece shirt. This looks great with a long necklace and jeans. If you’ve noticed the belt includes a small chain hanging on the side. These little accessories can come a long way. The 2nd picture is similar to the first one just with opposing colours.