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KPop has definitely taken all over the world without a doubt. From Asian neighboring countries and now, even Europe and US – that is how popular Kpop is. What’s fascinating is that the way these young artists present themselves can bring a huge following. Teens would copy the clothing style but also the eye catching hairstyles. Many young men would love to copy these amazing hairstyles to either stand out from the crowd or just for fun. Either way it’s always fun to watch the latest in KPOP hairstyles. These KPOP hair designs are still the most widely used by fans and we dont see this going out of fashion anytime soon.

Kpop Mohawk

This is one Kpop hairstyle that we truly think is BAD ASS! It brings out the rock star vibe in your Kpop look. The Mohawk has been a popular hairstyle in the 90’s and it has made its return at present. Of course, the Kpop trend puts a twist on this already popular hairstyle by placing side shaves. There are lots you can do to make this hairstyle stand out. You can color it or make the side shaves more creative. You will need a fair bit of wax and hairspray to pull this off as well as thick hair.  Jay Park is a prime example of a KPOP artist that brought his own unique Asian gangsta style through his hairdo

Jay Park Hair men asians singers kpop mohawk 2pm jay park hairstyle(Photos courtesy of and AllianaKorean Lover)

Kpop Messy Avant-Garde

Avant Garde is the term used for people designs that are innovative or experimental. And that is what the Kpop scene is all about. No wonder so many Korean men use this Avant garde kpop hairstyle for men. Again, this is an Avant garde hairstyle with a twist. Usually, Avant garde hairstyle follows very blunt lines. For a man to be able to pull this off, his hair must have different lengths. If it doesn’t, you will need a big amount of hair spray or stronghold wax. The secret in this hairstyle is making sure that you make the top form and pointed in many directions. Be aware that you may need to spend at least 20-30 min to make this hairdo.

Korean-Messy-Avant-Garde-Hairstyle-for-Men(Picture courtesy of

Kpop Colors

One of the things that sets apart Kpop from other fashion trends is its robust choice in color. However, it’s not just a regular color. They use. If you look closely on some of the KPOP videos from Youtube, you’ll notice that it has a combination of different colors and different shades. Choosing the right color is vital so you will need to consult closely with your preferred hair designer. Just be very careful of the products you use to color your hair to make sure it does not get damaged. It’s still best to go to a high end salon to get it done rather than doing it yourself.


(Pic courtesy of

Mushroom Haircut

The mushroom haircut is a very popular Kpop hairstyle for men because of the many times that Jaejoong used it! And we all know that Jaejoong is one of the leading Korean artists that are known to have lots of signature hairstyles. The mushroom haircut is one of the simplest Kpop haircuts that you will find but it will still give you that Kpop attitude that you want! The great thing about this haircut is not just the simplicity, but also the variety it can give. It all depends on how you use your wax and your hairspray.

mushroom hair kpop

(Courtesy of

And there you go! These are our top KPOP hairstyles for men to kick off 2014. Remember that the secret to having spectacular KPOP hair is to cut out a lot of sample pictures, and to talk to your hair designer on how to get the same style. (You can also watch Youtube for some how to videos) Be aware that this will all depend on your hair. Some hair can be too thin to have a particular style so you will need to know what options you have and experiment from there. Have fun styling!

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