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Hip hop ladies and gentlemen is not dead, well at least for Korea it’s not. This also includes Korean Hip hop fashion. When I watch the latest trend of KPOP, I can’t help but wonder why I still see Hip hop fashion in many of the music videos. Jay Park and 2NE1 are some of the KPOP artist that uses the hip hop look very nicely. It’s always good to have a variety of casual clothing in your closet so let’s take a closer peak at how to achieve the Korean Hip hop fashion look.


Hair style

It all starts with the hairstyle. The most common hip hop hairstyles for Koreans are the semi Mohawk or the Spiky hairstyle. Although I have seen some pull it off with stylish bangs.. Remember that you will need a fair bit of time preparing this kind of hairstyle before you move out. You will need a lot of blow-drying, wax and hairspray to make the look complete. If you don’t feel like showing off your hair, you can then pull out the hip hop cap!

 bigbang hip hop

Bigbang – perfect example of modern Korean hip hop style

(Photo by wallpaper up)

Hip hop cap

The baseball/basketball caps are still the most commonly used head wear for casual outings. If you want to pull the Hip hop look, you will need to wear the right style and also the right matching color. As part of your collection, it would be wise to have at least 3 different designs or color for proper matching.

 hip hop snap back hat from Ebay

Hip hop which can be bought from Ebay


Photo by XXLMAG.com



This is essential to get the hip hop look. Most people would have at least a hoodie as part of their wardrobe collection. But you can buy ones with a bit of Hip hop flavour. You can get the look regardless if you wear a larger size or a slim fit style as long as you have all the other elements in place like pants, shoes and cap.


Photo by Aliexpress.com

couple hoodies wholesale7

Photo by Wholesale7.net

Jeans and pants


Back in the day, baggy jeans meant real hip hop. I have however noticed that you can still pull this look by wearing skinny jeans too. As long as you have the cap, this shirt or the jumper to go with your street shoes then you can easily own this look for any day casuals.



Photo by Ali Express

 couple hip hop

Photo by Ali Express


Hip hop Sneakers


This is probably one of the most important aspects of the Korean Hip hop look. You will need proper sneakers to make it work. Some of the most common sneakers in today’s era are the converse Chuck Taylor and the Nike Airforce one. However, if you really want to make people turn heads, I highly recommend the Addidas Wings 2.0. In terms of looks, it’s very unique and you can’t help but look at it twice. You also have to remember that you need a variety of colours to match the outfit you are wearing. I suggest having a black, white, red and blue pairs to suit most styles. Alternatively you can also use basketball shoes since this sport is heavily associated to hip hop.


Adiddas Wings collection

Trendy Korean Hip hop shoes by Addidas


So these are basically the essentials for getting a hip hop look the Korean way. You will need to invest in some nice clothing whilst making sure you get the combination right. Good luck and be stylish!

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