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Going to the office has never been this stylish! The Korean Business Fashion line has definitely taken the world by storm. Even the US and European Fashion scenes are adopting this remarkable business trend. Well, who’s to blame? Koreans really do have a great taste in fashion. We see Korean fashion all over the internet and on print media like magazines as well. It may seem easy to copy and Korean business fashion may just seem like the typical suit and tie but believe me, it’s so much more than that! (Please note that all pictures come from the fashion website www.gmarket.ko.kr)


So, the million dollar question is how do you look the part? Let’s take an in depth look into the Korean business wear.

Overall, the business fashion style from Korea may be described as conservative. Moreover, it focuses on shades of charcoal and black. In contrary to the traditional business suits in the European countries, the Korean business suits have a casual element to it. For example, instead of the usual straight cut pants, Korean designers tailor it to be a bit fit like skinny jeans. And other casual elements such as knitted sweaters, bright colored Korean ties and accessories are also incorporated into the office wear.

Korean Tie

How do Korean Ties differ from traditional ones? Actually, the tailoring is the same. The materials used are the same as well. What sets apart the ties from Korea from those in the West is its impeccable design. Korean men are not scared to experiment with patterns, colors and designs. This is what makes them stand out despite their suits being one shade. Think butterflies, flowers, neon, checkered patterns and more.


Korean Suit

Men executives in Korea look really stylish and sleek. Not to mention, hot! Despite the suits being conservative, the suits still helps in exuding the high appeal and attitude everyone wants to see.

Basically, a suit compromises of a pair of jacket and trousers that should be uniform in size and material. For the Koreans, a three piece suit is more appropriate. This includes the jacket, the trousers and the vest.

Why the need for the vest? The vest has been an argument for a very long time among men who want to wear it and those who don’t. Basically, a vest enables you to move freely without worrying about your shirt getting tucked out. And since the Korean fashion looks really slimming despite the fact that Korean guys are already slim, the vest creates a slimming effect which is very beneficial for men who want to look thinner than usual. Another benefit from wearing is a vest is that even if you take off your coat or jacket, it will still look like business wear.


The rule to wearing a vest is very simple – it has to be snug. Try it on while standing up and it has to be snug enough but not too snug that you are unable to breathe properly when seated.

Korean Business Footwear

Another element to the perfect business attire is the footwear. What shoes are the Koreans wearing? Well, there are lots in this list. Let’s begin with the pointed shoes with lace. This looks like pointed loafers except that it has laces. And then we have the traditional loafers. Koreans like it pointed as well. Another are boat shoes or what is more commonly known as top siders. They are great for both business and casual wear. Lastly, there are oxfords. Oxfords have been very popular with both men and women and the right kind with the right material is going to look great with business wear.

As you can see, Korean Business Fashion for Men isn’t rock science at all. It is just choosing the right elements for the outfit and pairing it up with a winning attitude.


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