Headphone Fashion a necessity for street wear


It’s not long ago that smart phones have replaced the mp3 player as the device of choice for listening to music. Obviously you’re going to need headphones with that. With so many brands getting into the headphones market, there are now more choices compared to the past. You can choose the color, the size, and also the brand. So you’re probably wondering… how does a headphone become a fashion accessory? It’s all about the colors.

 dr dre colorful headphones fashion

 colorful headphones fashion

As you can see the variety of colored headphones are everywhere especially in Korea.

The color of your outfit should determine the kind of headphones you wear. This is how it becomes a fashion tool. Most people can wear either a black or white headphone and it will fit any kind of color clothing you wear. However, if you want to mix it up a bit, it doesn’t hurt to have a few colored headphones to complete the look.


So as you can see above. You can either wear a headphone with a color contrasting the black head wear or match it with a similar color. Either way it looks great. It’s not just Hip hop, it’s the trendy street wear that we will see more and more. Now you’re probably wondering that if you want to collect fashionable headphones, you will need to be spending hundreds of dollars. While this is true if you buy expensive brand names head wear like Dre Beats or Monster headphones, there are other alternatives such as Star headphones. This brand is very affordable anywhere from $20-40 depending where you’re from and they come with different colors. Remember that these headphones work well for both men and women street fashion.

 big star fashion headphones korea

Sample of star headphones

It seems that people are looking for a new fashion item that looks and sounds good. It’s obvious that its pointless to have an expensive phone with lots of music then listen to it with cheap head phones. Why not wear designer brand headphones? This is where Dr.Dre got in the act and introduced fashion headphones back in 2011. It was meant to be a hip hop thing but everyone made it a part of the trend regardless of the taste of music you have. Think of it as a way to express who you are. So for example, if you love your super heroes and don’t mind to let people know how much they mean to your everyday life, then why not wear one that shows it?

batman headphones fashionsuperman headphone fashion

There’s absolutely no doubt that this industry will continue to grow just like any kind of street fashion accessory. It’s only a matter of time until you can see so many people in the streets wearing some funky headphones to catch your eye. There are other headphones that are just plain outrageous. Some of these samples are below.

earmuff-headphones fashion


Tron Headphones Fashion

Vintage style headphones


So are headphones a part of your everyday fashion? Comment below!

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