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Korean fashion for men is all about the color. Although tight jeans have been a trend in Korea in the last couple of years, colored jeans have started to become widely available. After watching a few Korean Dramas and K-POP music, I’ve noticed a variety of colors that can match with a few tops. Let’s have a look closely with some pictures.

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Now if you look at this picture, we see a variety of colored jeans/pants from White to Aqua. Obviously these outfits are all color coordinated. One thing you have to understand is that the shoes and the top has to have the right color combination to have the maximum effect. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t have the balls to wear pink jeans… but if you do, then go for it! You will definitely stand out.


Now having a look at this picture, we can see a variety of colored jeans available in the market. I realised that white casual shoes are always the safest bet when you try these jeans out. A brown belt would also look good with any kinds of the jeans above.


Now being a fan of Shinee, we can see 2 examples of Korean Fashion which focuses on the jeans as the signature piece. The bright blue pants and the red/maroon can really make you flashy. Now another kind of trend I’m starting to see are the patterned jeans. This isn’t as common as the plain colored jeans I’ve been seeing but it’s a new trend which I think will become more popular in the next few months.


As you can see from above, this reminds me of a school uniform kind of a pattern you would see in girls’ skirts. However this looks great when you wear black shoes and a black top. Remember that you can make the jeans to be your signature look to pull it off.


Now looking at this example, we can see that this pair of jeans has a unique twist. Although it looks like your typical torn jeans, it gives the look of an American flag patched underneath the skin. This is very creative and is definitely in my wish list.


This pair to me brings both old school and new school style all into these jeans. As you can see from the design, it gives that 80’s “professor’s coat” kind of a feel. (Can you see the elbow pads being used here?) This will make a great signature throwback look.


Patched up jeans is also a new trend these days and makes the boring looking pants come to life. Patches of flags such as the image above reminds me of a travelled suitcase with stickers of flags everywhere. Such a unique design that will appeal to many fashionistas.


Although I don’t think it will be easy to find this kind of jeans, I’m using this as an example of something a little extreme. This reminds me of a late 80’s pop culture that’s normally worn by teenage girls. Would you wear these bad boys?

The lesson here is to obviously have a few pairs of jeans with different colors to mix and match with your shoes and top. Its all about experimentation when it comes to Korean Fashion. Good luck!

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