Boys Gaga Over Flowers


Flower hakanaku koi ga
Flower ayashiku saita

It might be fitting to listen to Girl’s Generation’s song Flower Power while writing this trend report for Spring/Summer 2014. And why not? The runways of Andrea Pompilio and Dries van Noten were flooded by floral prints, something deemed to be a hit next season.

But what is incredible to note is that while fashion experts say that floral prints will be a trend by the summer of 2014, Korea already made it a fashion staple.

And oh, did I not say that the flowers are not just for women? Yes. I’m talking about florals in men.

Runway Alert. While Andrea Pompilio kept itearthly and more masculine, Dries van Noten opt for more color and something more romantic. © The Sartorialist

Runway Alert. While Andrea Pompilio kept it earthly and more masculine,
Dries van Noten opt for more color and something more romantic.
© The Sartorialist

It all started in mid-2012 when Korean boyband Boyfriend released their debut mini-album Love Style. In the promotional photos circulating in the world wide web, members of the Kpop band were clad in floral-printed button downs and blazers.

Love their Style.  Kpop group Boyfriend for their Love Syle Promotional Photo ©

Love their Style. Kpop group Boyfriend for their
Love Syle Promotional Photo

In 2013, the floral craze even became more evident as several Kpop idols were spotted wearing floral-printed getups in magazines and promotional pictures. There is SHINee for their Dream Girl comeback. In their promotional photos, Key wore a floral suit from clothing brand Peu A Peu, Onew wore a pair of women’s floral tapered skinny jeans from UNIQLO. Taemin, whoever proved that florals are not just for clothes but also for the accessories, with his Joyrich floral b-boy cap.

Shine-e bright with a flower. Tartans, paisley prints, eclectic patterns,
and lots of flowers makes Shinee daring, cute, and über fashionable.

But it seems like Taemin was enamored with the flower prints that he was seen wearing this lovely sweatshirt last March 31 while he was on his way for Kpop Star Recording. He is a flower boy, figuratively and literally.

That’s what makes a flower boy.
Only Taemin could pull out
a girlish floral sweatshirt and still love manly and adorable.

In promoting the Japanese version of their song Man in Love, Kpop idol group Infinite also chose the flower theme. But unlike Boyfriend’s color palette pink, Infinite choose to go a little more masculine with blue. Talk about meeting both worlds.

Roses are Flowers, Infinite’s in Blue. A cool and always pastel hued blue plus flowers equals fashion as its best.

For the May 2013 issue of Vogue, Infinite members Hoya and L were captured boxing. Hoya dons the a shorter (not cropped) floral jacket from the Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection of Korean designer Wooyoungmi.  L, on the other hand, is wearing bird prints.

The Most Fashionable Boxer. Who would have thought
boxing can be this fashion forward?

2AM’s Changmin was also seen in the same jacket that Hoya wore in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. Cool!

Mustard. Spice up your getup with another
eye catching piece — colored pants.
And oh? Did I mention that round eyeglasses
will be big next season, too?

Yesung, a member of the thirteen-strong flower boy band Super Junior, rocked a floral suit from the Kim Seo-ryong Homme Spring/Summer 2013 collection in the March 2013 issue of CeCi. I should say that the almost acid-washed effect of the flowers over black is totally striking.

Black looks good. And that suit fits Yesung so much.

But if you think that floral is not so manly, wait until Kpop royalty G-Dragon of BigBang show you how to rock floral prints. G-Dragon is the considered to be one of the major fashion icons in Korea and is the only Kpop celebrity to be sponsored by international brand Louis Vuitton. Below is a photo from the March 2012 issue of Vogue where he is wearing clothes from Celine‘s 2012 resort collection.

The King and his Flowers. G-Dragon, one of Korea’s fashion czars, in floral prints.
This is what I call hot.

So if you want to make a bold statement this coming 2014, go and try floral prints. However, here are some (personal) tips that you might want to observe just for you not go over the top.

1. Go dark. If you observed, most of the outfits, if not in subdued pastels are in dark colors. So if you want to go floral, go for chinoiserie flower prints over a solid dark background, like navy, dark blue, charcoal, gray, and black. You could also opt for monochromes like this flowing floral shirt from the same Wooyoungmi collection worn by Bang Sung-joon whilst posing on a toilet for the March 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan.

Somber the flowers. This monochromatic flowy shirt screams FASHION!

2. Mind the pair. A heavily printed outfit would certainly go well when paired with something plain. Go for pants with a striking color (Changmin) to take the fashionista bibe to a whole new level. Also remember that you will never go wrong with white.

2014 is a going to be a flower boy summer. And thanks to Korea, men now have an idea on how to be stylish, bold, and unique once the summer sun hit our shores.

Tto bwayo!


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