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Any get up won’t be complete without any accessory. These blings are what gives an outfit more character — either accentuating the entire outfit’s overall vibe or giving it a different feel.

In the Korean popular culture, accessories, together with clothes, have also made its own trend. Thanks to the elaborate creative of KPop idols, accessories also became just as important as the piece of cloth that covers your birthday suit.

In order to embrace an entire ensemble embodying Korean pop fashion, one should also keep in mind that the tiniest detail counts.

Here are three of the rising trends in Korean men fashion today!

Nerdy Eyeglasses. Wearing nerdy type of eyeglasses before means being likened to a male version of Ugly Betty. However, recently, in SoKor, wearing nerdy eyeglasses has become one of the most prominent accessory trends in the mainstream culture.

A number of Kpop idols have been spotted sporting these nerdy pair to accessories their peepers. The visibility of these glasses on Kpop acts has prompted it to have its own following.

Nerd Eyeglasses. Junso

Xiah Junso was spotted wearing
these nerdy eyeglasses.
Doesn’t he look heavenly?

Nerdy glasses could be notorious at times, making wearers look unfashionable and old. However, the key to making nerdy glasses work is to pair it preppy or cute outfits. Take it from the sample photos of original DBSK members Yunho and Junso who paired their eyeglasses with sweaters. Go for striking details and bold colors.

Nerd Eyeglasses. YunHo

YunHo pairs his nerdy glasses
with a stripped sweatshirt.
I wonder what’s on his mind
when he made that face?

Bowties. Another accessory that is getting undeniably hot in SoKor are the classy bowties.

Bowties, for all we know, have been used as a replacement for neck ties when we dress up in formals. However, recently, bowties could now be used anytime. Although noticeably, bowties are still paired with either the schoolboy or the formal wear, bowties could actually be paired with almost anything…except for a swimsuit of course. That would be really odd! To prove my point, see this photo of DBSK member Changmin in a yellow bowtie while wearing an animal suit. Totally daebak!

Changmin as seen in the music video
of the song balloons. Quirky and cute.
’nuff said.

In order for your bowties to go away from its boring formal wear roots, opt for a brighter color, like Changmin’s yellow bowtie and Jaejoong’s read bowtie. Metallic colors will even push the envelope further. By opting for these colors, you may give due attention to your cute little bowtie.

bowtie jaejong

Bowtie 101 from Jaejoong:
Opt for a dramatic color like ruby.

Skulls. Skull details became almost like an overnight sensation in the Kpop universe. Every now and then, Korean celebrities are spotted wearing a skull design on their tops, hats, and even in their accessories. For instance, Park Yoochun was caught wearing a beanie with a studded skull design.

Skull Yoochun

Kpop idol Park Yoochun’s skulled
beanie is undeniably an eye candy
no one could ever resist.

In one of BigBang’s recent hits, sexy teal-haired T.O.P brought the skull trend to greater heights by wearing a big studded skull necklace over his military-inspired jacket in the music video of BadBoy. And oh, should I say that those statement caps are also becoming a hit (the one worn by G-Dragon). Anyway, BigBang’s music video relatively showcased the SoKor’s appreciation to spunk and toughness through skulls.

Channel your inner badboy y wearing
an oversized skull necklace ala Bigbang’s TOP.
It doesn’t only become an accessory;
it also becomes a bold statement.

But how can someone pull off such a strong element like a skull detail? First, keep in mind that the outfit should not be as overpowering as the skull. If you have observed, even though T.O.P.’s military jacket is just as striking, it does not have so much details that keeps the attention away from the skull. But most importantly, it boils down to how you carry the spunk!

It is nice to try all three trends but keep in mind to try them one item at a time. Happy accessorizing everyone.

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