5 Reasons Why Most Men Hate Fashion


When you hear the phrase “fashion industry”, what comes popping into your head? You instantly see women, right? How many women do you know who want to enter the fashion industry as opposed to men? Are there any men at all that you can call up and say “hey, let’s go shopping for clothes”. Well, from your answers alone, you already know that that stereotype is fashion equals women. Thus, some men would really not have the passion for fashion. Here are 5 reasons on why men hate fashion or love it less than women.

Reason 1: Might Be Thought of as Gay or Metro

Now, the thing with men today is they are very sensitive about their gender. Straight people fear they will be tagged gay or metro just because of the fact that they like fashion. In fact, there are even times that when a man is too neat or hygienic, people think he is gay already. To stay on the safe side, men behave like they don’t care.

So which one are you? New generation who loves shopping? Or the typical guy who cant stand it?

Reason 2: Got Other Hobbies to Spend On

Men have a lot of hobbies. There are cars, sports, girls, casino games, video games and so on and so forth. Because of so many fun stuff to choose from, they prefer to go to set aside their fashion needs instead. They think that designer brands are very expensive so they prefer to keep fashion interests on the background.

Reason 3: Too Much Effort is Involved in Fashion

Admit it, once you know all about fashion, you will find out that it requires a lot of effort. Putting together an outfit is not that easy. Keeping up with the trend isn’t a breeze either. Some men just prefer to wear the simple ensemble of shirt, jeans and sneakers and they’re good to go. It is easier for them that way.

Yes it is hard work and time consuming for men when buying clothes

Reason 4: Belief that Only Movie Stars Can Pull it Off

Because of the influence of media such as magazines and the television, some men believe that it will be pointless to try to look good when they can’t look as good as TV stars and fashion models. This reason would be pretty easy to understand. Men, just like women, are also insecure at times. They just don’t show it.

Reason 5: Public Advertising

The public is exposed to many advertisements on a daily basis. You see advertisements on TV, news papers and even on train station. Most men advertisement and commercial artists can be seen in race car commercials or beer commercials. Not many men are seen in fashion ads and this gives an impression that men are better off without fashion.

So it is obvious that we have a long way to go when it comes to men accepting fashion shopping as part of their everyday activities. However times are changing and with the influence from the media, it will be a lot easier for men to go clothes shopping and embrace fashion.



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